From the National Secretary

The 9th INTERNATIONAL POLICY FORUM ON URBAN GROWTH AND CONSERVATION IN EURO-ASIAN CORRIDOR initiated by Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ) is taking place in Samara and Moscow (Russia) thanks to the kind hosting of Samara Technical University and HSE Graduate School of Urbanism. Samara-Moscow Conference is supported by Government of Samara Region, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Volga Federal District in Russian Federation, VOOPIK, Archi-Depot Corporation, the Union of Architects of Russia. Since 2009 AIJ has attempted to establish a Policy Forum in order to gather concerned institutions from the Eurasian corridor and empower the ties between respective countries. In 2010, Forum took place in Istanbul as a joint venue by Istanbul Metropolitan Planning (IMP) and AIJ. The next Forum was planned in Japan, scheduled to be held in Tsukuba in September 2011, but due to unexpected earthquake and tsunami of March 2011, the Forum was cancelled. AIJ is now planning to resume this program with a more encouraging vision for collaboration and with more detailed scientific and policy-oriented approach. Consequently, the next Forum took place in Iran and now in Russia. Forum - 2017 is aimed at proving the role of the Eurasian corridor's cultural and economic potential, at exchanging various ideas about preserving and developing the heritage, at demonstrating the importance of the university for the city's development, at showing the value of rivers for the life of cities.

Riichi Miyake

Sergey Malakhov

Svetlana Malysheva

Olga Naumova

Vitaliy Stadnikov

Alexandr Gnilomedov

Evgenia Repina

Natalia Rumina

Julia Mironova

Ksenia Gorina

Ernest Dudura

Ivan Stafeev

Dmitriy Azarov

Riichi Miyake

Dmitriy Bykov

Alexey Novikov

Sergey Malakhov

Vitaliy Stadnikov

Svetlana Malysheva

Alexandr Gnilomedov

Evgenia Repina

Artem Demidov

Tatiana Vavilonskaya

Riichi Miyake, professor at Tokyo University of Science, director on Archi-Depot Corporation

Dmitriy Bykov, professor, Rector of SSTU, Samara

Alexey Novikov, Dean of Graduate School of Urbanism, HSE, Moscow

Kim Sung-Kyun, President of Asian Cultural Landscape Association (ACLA), President of Asia-Pacific Environment and Landscape Architectural Forum (APELA), Ex-President of Korean Institue of Landscape Architecture (KILA), Professor of Seoul National University, Korea (SNU)

Anrong Dang, Department of Urban-Rural Planning School of Architecture,Tsinghua University, P.R.China

Yun QIAN, Department of Urban Planning, School of Landscape Architecture Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, P.R.China

Alban Mannisi, ass.professor ofHanyang University_Seoul

Morteza Maleki, professor, Head of Department of Architecture of Persian Seismic Retrofitting Institute, Iran

Sergey Malakhov, Head of Chair «Innovative design» Samara, State Technical University

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The closing conference of the IX International Policy Forum on Urban Growth and Conservation in Euro-Asian Corridor / The Silk Road will be held in Moscow at the Higher School of Economics on October 14, 2017